moritz hocher portfolio

Project:   Advanced Materials Cover Design

As part of a publication for Miriam Filippi in Advanced Materials regarding "Microfluidic Tissue Engineering and Bio-Actuation" I was tasked to design a possible cover for the upcoming issue of the Advanced Materials journal. The Rendering you see in the left was in the end accepted as the backcover of the Advanced Materials Vol.34 No 23 from the 9. June 2022.

Reference Link:   wiley-online-library/Adv. Mater. 23/2022

Project:   CellFace

CellFace is a project run by Technical-University-Munich. At its core stands the developement of a blood analytics device that uses an innovative microfluidics system and state of the art segmentation algorythms to do rapid high throughput and label free cellcounts. This allows for a detailed blood analysis that can be used for diagnosis of many different deseases or for fundamental research. The visualization aims to visualize especially the parts of the project that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Reference Link:

Project:   IGEM Competition Visualization

IGEM is a world wide competition between universities where each team tries to find a novel advancement in sythetic biology. As part of the team munich of 2019 I designed an animation showcasing our idea of "exporting" important information of any living cell by genetically modifying it so it secrets samples of its RNA contant in tiny vesicles that can then be analyzed without having to take the cells out of their habitat or killing them.

Reference Link:   IGEM-2019/Munich/Description

Project:   Grant Application for ETH Zürich

For this project several renders and videos had to be created to showcase the idea of a biohybrid robot that has a complex eye like engineered tissue construct with the ability of neuron regeneration. These Renderings were then used to present a grant application.

Project:   Movie scene production

This short animation of Nanobots repairing holes in clothing inside a washing machine was requested by a short film producer for an exhibition. The shot had to seemlessly combine the intro clip of a running washing machine with my 3D animation.

Reference Link:   freelancer

Project:   Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry uses images taken from all sides of a real world object to create a fully textured high resolution 3D model. I am currently using this procedure to quickly produce realistic 3D models and selling them on CG-Trader.

Reference Link: hocher

Project:   ETH Zürich Actuator Visualization

In this project a novel Actuator technology was visualized that could be used as an artificial heart.